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                           "It is a new era beginning by a mutation. 

             This is the Millenium."


Spiritual Damage Mixtape, full of RAW KRUMP TRACKS, 23 to be exact !
I took my time to do this project and provide the Rawest music I could achieve with my 9 years of experience as a Krump Music Beatmaker. I'll let you discover yourself how deep and raw this album is.
I described a lot of krump type of vibes thru this one, and I'm not waiting for anyone's approval to tell you this is a classic krump music album.
I pushed my theory to the max to deliver you the best quality, so here it is.
Thanks to everybody supporting the hard work, it may be also one of my last krump music project.




This is my most recent project of Krump Music until the next one released in two weeks called "Spiritual Damage"
My prefered tracks are Old Boy Violence, Break the Chainz (Lybia) and Legendary.
I just find those really raw and that is what i'm looking for in Krump Music, especially Break the Chainz because of the deep inspiration i had while doing it, I was thinking about the modern slavery of people around the world which is so dark.
So I made this for Lybia the day after I saw the news about people being sold and tortured in Africa.
As a Beatmaker, I think I am able to give meaning to my craft, and moments like that make me think that I have to put more important meaning in what I do, we truely have the power to deliver a message to the people who listen to our music and that is what I will seek for.


[α] ᏃᎬᏒØ [Ω]

The title "Zero" represents the beginning and the end, my story line was based on this whole duality.
Each title of this project talks about a personnal story I went thru during my middle age years.
I spent a lot of time to do my best telling my listeners all of these stories which have a  respected timeline too.
Enjoy and thank you !


This is the second time I do this concept, I go back to my island for the holidays and I just feel like working 10 times more when I'm close to my birth country.
I have a big dream I work everyday on, and when I'm at Home I work on it even more than in France where my energy is kind of off because I'm far from family and stuff like that.

Enjoy !


The first volume of a series that may have 3 volumes. The third will be about EBS Beatmaker Battle around septembre or october in Germany, Düsseldorf.
I do a volume everytime I go back in my country, I just make a lot of music and work a lot on new ideas, and things I could do a more professional way.  

(Special shout out to Ugly Fate and the Russian Krump Movement !)

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